November 7, 2011


1    Chinese Laundry Fearsome Ankle Boots {$100}. I am borderline obsessed with the thought of these, in my mind I have already worn them with a million outfits.

2    Sparkle & Fade Moto Faux Leather Jacket from UO {$129}. Yes I know, I know, a motorcycle jacket isn't a particularly new idea, however mine somehow managed to obtain a snag so I will need to invest in a new one and soon because I literally wore it all. the. time.

3    Cowl Pullover Tunic by Sanctuary from Piperlime {$152}. I cannot stop thinking about sweaters. I am loving the color of this one and all the ways you can wear it, over leggings, long dresses, skirts. How perfect would this be to throw on during the weekend with back tights and flats. Perfect and easy!

4    Butter Nail Polish by London Toff {$14}. I blame my friend Raya for this, well for two things actually, for causing me to be extremely concerned about the color and state of my nails and for introducing me to this polish. Lovely and very fall.

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