June 12, 2014

I recently stumbled over this article, Are you a Pessimist? 7 Tips To Be More Positive on r29. While I am reluctant to say I am pessimistic always, I do notice that my thoughts tend to skew negative especially after a long day.  The article is chockful of tidbits which I have begun applying to my own life and they have had quite the optimistic effect. Check it out y'all!

May 8, 2014

library party!

Susan interweaves a story of close friends against the horrific injustice of 30 kidnapped girls in Africa. Her voice is luminous and profound and remains in your thoughts long after finishing.

With summer rapidly approaching, this is an appropriate selection as the subject is a seemingly interminable family road trip. However, the story possesses an added twist of deliberately traveling west in anticipation of the imminent rapture. The protagonist captures reconciling your beliefs against how you were raised with the nostalgia of fidgeting in small spaces for hours at a time.

This book offers pointers on how to to achieve success in a fulfilling and gratifying way in your personal and professional life by making impactful choices of your time and energy while also keeping your core values at the forefront. It does feels a bit reductionist at times but ultimately has a good message and offers tips one can apply or at least be mindful of.

Elle is probably my favorite fashion mag so I read it monthly anyway, but I particularly enjoyed Esquire's contribution. Their male perspective and advice was interesting and funny and gave me hope.

I know I am late to the game on this one as it has been out since last year, but I really like her writing style and characters she creates. Meg is able to weave their lives together so fluidly and in a completely uncontrived way. Also, I find that the perspective on life that she provides through her story often gives me pause and makes me reflect about my own life and ambitions.