February 28, 2012

pop of purple

I had to do some major research in order to hunt down these boots, but it was so worth it. They are incredibly comfortable. In fact, I just brought them to New York with me recently and wore them while we hiked across the city and my feet were fine! Just fine! So shout out to Lucky Brand, well done!

Stripes are everywhere in my closet, I swear if an article of clothing has stripes on it then consider it purchased by me. It might be getting a tad out of control....

And in case you were wondering this was taken at Company Cafe on Greenville (well specifically the side of Company Cafe) where me and Des had a very delicious lunch. Go! Eat! Enjoy!

sunglasses: buffalo exchange   /   scarf: t.j. maxx   /   jacket: forever 21   /   sweater and tights: gap   /  boots: lucky brand


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